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This week at work, we have had an auditor from the national office come in for our annual review.  Nothing too serious, but he had to talk to each employee on staff.  When the time came for my interview with him, I was nervous.  I have only been an employee for a week and a half and knew I would not be able to answer most of his questions.  Regardless, I had to try. While we were talking, he kept asking questions about things that above my pay grade.  I kept having to tell him that I do not do those things, that I have a very simple and small job.  He kept replying that my job wasn’t simple or small, that is was important.  I did not say this to him, but it got me thinking.
My job IS simple and small, but in no way was I saying…

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Marianne is a writer, editor, econ-freak, and makeup junkie. She can be spotted roaming around Atlanta, usually drinking coffee and scribbling in her notebook.

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