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No Regrets: Products I Would Repurchase


Some things, unlike this unfortunate tattoo, are worth spending money on.

Below are a few makeup products that have served me well and I think were solid investments. They range in price and in brand but they all share one characteristic: they are worth it!

Let me clarify, these are not necessarily ‘holy grail’ items but ones that have continuously served their purpose.

Let’s start with one item that was something of a gamble for me…


You may recognize the Raise Some ‘Brows Defining Brow Pencil  from my previous post, What’s In My Makeup Bag . This is the only product I have tried from Drew Barrymore’s Walmart make-up brand Flower and, even though I only paid $6 or $7 for this item, I was apprehensive about how it would perform. Big relief–I love this brow pencil! It is long-lasting and light brown is the perfect shade for me (although sometimes I pair it with a darker pencil to create a more bold look). I recently discovered that the bottom cap pops off to reveal a small sharpener. As if I needed another reason to love it!

This next item I also purchased at Walmart but I have seen it in drugstores, at Target, and on I’m talking about Duo Eyelash Adhesive.


I don’t often wear fake eyelashes but once in a while you have to turn up the vamp *wink*. This glue makes applying false lashes easy easier. It retails for under $6 and you get 1/4 an ounce which will last for a really long time even if you wear lashes every day.

BTW: I like to dip my lashes into the glue once it is tacky instead of squeezing it directly onto the lash and waiting for it to aerate.

I wasn’t sure about this once since I already had the Naked 1 pallette from Urban Decay but I took a chance and, luckily, I love my Nude ‘Tude Palette from the Balm!

nude tude

It contains 12 high quality neutral shades that can paired to create softer, more subtle day looks, sexy smoky eyes, and heavier evening-appropriate looks. I don’t know if you can tell from this picture just how pretty these colors are but they are wonderful. They feel creamy and they’re easy to blend. Lovely, just lovely.

*Whispers* I may even like it more than my Urban Decay Naked Pallette. Maybe…

It does come with a small dual-end brush. One end is an angled liner brush and the other can be used for applying and maybe to blend a little bit. The brush is not amazing and I almost never use it but at least it’s not a sponge applicator… *bright side!*

On the website, the Nude ‘Tude retails for $36. But your girl managed to score this during a 50% off flash sale, so I only paid $18 +shipping (and I want to say that was around 5 bucks). Also I have seen this very item discounted on Hautelook from time to time. (I have even heard of people finding it for $6–RUDE!)

There are two options for packaging. I opted for the pin-up girl background, like you see above, but there is another choice of packaging that has the same shadows but no girls.

Recently I found this fab little number:

lorac platinum

The Lorac Platinum Status Eye Shadow Pallet was limited edition available only at Ulta and now they are sold out! I’m not surprised; Lorac is well-known for having beautiful products of the highest quality. This collection of 5 unnamed shadows are (from left to right) 1. a pearlescent bone 2. a shimmery soft pink 3. a pinky shimmery champagne 4. a rich purple plum and 5. a smoky black with silver glitter that appears almost blue.

I was shocked at the price tag, twelve measly dollars! My only tiny complaint is that none of these shades are matte.

There was another set of colors in a gold package that were also very pretty but I was so drawn to the champagne shade in the middle that I could not resist. I bought one for myself and one for my beautiful sister-in-law.

I do want to quickly mention this Ulta Professional eye primer.

ulta primer

I am scraping the bottom of this pot. I don’t think that this formulation is the best out there but it has served me well for a long time. Actually for so long that Ulta doesn’t even carry this packaging anymore which is really a bummer since I always prefer a pot to a tube (how else can you get every little bit out?). I don’t remember what I paid but it was definitely under $15….

e25Next, the famous Sigma E25. Worth the hype? Uh, yeah.

It’s soft, fluffy–perfection–and this legendary blending brush is a dupe for the MAC 217 but whereas that one is $24, this one is only $12. Not to mention, Sigma coupon codes are easy to find online. I only wish that I had purchased this one sooner. Why did I wait so long?

Speaking of MAC, I really do love my 266 Angle Brush. 266 angleI use this with gel liner, I will dampen the bristles to apply eyeshadow as eyeliner, or I will bust this baby out whenever I need to make a sharp, precise line (for example, when creating a cut crease eye look). At $20, I’m sure there are less expensive brushes out there but this little guy and I have been friends since I was in high school. What’s that Drake? Oh yeah,


This next item is so inexpensive and fabulous! For under $3 at Walgreens I picked up  a beautiful berry colored lip product from Jordana’s Twist ad Shine Moisturizing Balm Stain line. Pictured below, Cranberry Crush has a glossy finish in a great autumn color.

jordana cran crush

If you’re thinking that this looks like a Revlon Balm Stain, that’s because it looks like a Revlon Balm Stain, BUT it is half the price. The staying power is not quite as good as the ones from Revlon but the trade off is that Jordana’s are creamier. I picked up another shade in red but this one–uh, it’s so good!

And for my final regret-free purchase, and the least expensive item on this list, we have the NYC Bronzer in Sunny. nyc sunnySome have called this $2.79 product a dupe for Benefit’s Hoola but I would not go that far.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this product. I use it more than Hoola and it is more travel friendly. The sponge that comes with it is a throw-away but I love the sheer, matte formula. I mostly use it for contouring but it is soft enough for use on the full face.

These are not every product that I would repurchase (neither you nor I have enough time to go through all that) but most of the items on this list are ones which I debated and mulled over purchasing before finally making the move and investing in them. If I had to do it again, I would rebuy all of these.

Tell me, if all of your make-up spontaneously burst into flames what would you buy first?

Comment below and let me know!


Black Friday (Little Black Bag) Haul

I have never done a haul before but I think this company is really cool and I wanted to tell you about it!

This is the second purchase I have made from Little Black Bag and I am really happy that I did.

A little background info:

Little Black Bag is an online shopping site with a twist. This is how it works, you fill out a style profile and based on your responses a ‘gallery’ is populated. You make a selection out of the several different brands of bags, jewelry, shoes, accessories and even random things like socks, candles, and iphone covers. At this point you have the option to buy just the single item or for around $5 more you can opt to purchase a bundle. If you go for the bundle, 1 or 2 more secret items will be selected for you. After purchasing the mystery items are revealed.

Don’t be scared, if you do not like the items you receive in your bundle you can easily trade with other members before your bundle ships. And trust me, there are some good trades to be made!

So now that you know the gist on to haul!

On Black Friday (a.k.a the day after Thanksgiving) (a.k.a the biggest shopping day of the year), I cashed in on LBB’s BOGO purse sale. I bought this gem:


a Nila Anthony Satchel.

And with the BOGO I received this Izzie and Ali bag


but I wasn’t crazy about it so I traded it for this one by Pink Cosmo:

Image (be still my heart, I love it so much!!!!!)

I also received a headband and a pair of earrings which I adore!


Including shipping, I paid $58.90 for all of the above.

Considering that my bag was worth $195, retail cost, this was a steal of a deal!

I already moved my stuff into the fringe bag and I am wearing the headband as I type. I encourage you to check out this site if you’re in the market for a new bag or if you just want to do some internet-window shopping.

Thanks for reading!

What is your go to accessory store? Did you hit up any Black Friday sales?