Black Friday (Little Black Bag) Haul

I have never done a haul before but I think this company is really cool and I wanted to tell you about it!

This is the second purchase I have made from Little Black Bag and I am really happy that I did.

A little background info:

Little Black Bag is an online shopping site with a twist. This is how it works, you fill out a style profile and based on your responses a ‘gallery’ is populated. You make a selection out of the several different brands of bags, jewelry, shoes, accessories and even random things like socks, candles, and iphone covers. At this point you have the option to buy just the single item or for around $5 more you can opt to purchase a bundle. If you go for the bundle, 1 or 2 more secret items will be selected for you. After purchasing the mystery items are revealed.

Don’t be scared, if you do not like the items you receive in your bundle you can easily trade with other members before your bundle ships. And trust me, there are some good trades to be made!

So now that you know the gist on to haul!

On Black Friday (a.k.a the day after Thanksgiving) (a.k.a the biggest shopping day of the year), I cashed in on LBB’s BOGO purse sale. I bought this gem:


a Nila Anthony Satchel.

And with the BOGO I received this Izzie and Ali bag


but I wasn’t crazy about it so I traded it for this one by Pink Cosmo:

Image (be still my heart, I love it so much!!!!!)

I also received a headband and a pair of earrings which I adore!


Including shipping, I paid $58.90 for all of the above.

Considering that my bag was worth $195, retail cost, this was a steal of a deal!

I already moved my stuff into the fringe bag and I am wearing the headband as I type. I encourage you to check out this site if you’re in the market for a new bag or if you just want to do some internet-window shopping.

Thanks for reading!

What is your go to accessory store? Did you hit up any Black Friday sales?


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Marianne is a writer, editor, econ-freak, and makeup junkie. She can be spotted roaming around Atlanta, usually drinking coffee and scribbling in her notebook.

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