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July Favorites and UNfavorites

I swear this list started off really short:


1. Too Faced Love Palette

Love Pallette

The name says it all. Should I have resisted?

Of course.

Am I glad that I didn’t? Of course!

Not only is it my first Too Faced Pallette but I’m convinced that it is their best pallette. Sorry, I’m not sorry. It is too good.

2. Fav Music: Major Lazer.

major lazer

My fav songs are: ‘Be Together’ and ‘Lean On’. Don’t be shy, I know you will enjoy…

3. Fav Movie: Inside Out Inside Out Movie

This movie is so stinking cute! At first, I was skeptical, I saw the previews and I thought “Eh!”

I’m delighted to report that my initial reaction was so very wrong.

4. MAC Lipstick in Modesty modesty MAC lipstick

You may or may not be aware that MAC has a program called ‘Back to MAC’ where you can bring in 6 empty/used-up products in exchange for a lipstick. Actually, all of my MAC lipsticks have been obtained in this manner. I love this color. It’s the perfect nude for my skin-tone.

5. Favorite Moment: Taylor Swift concert with my lovely sister

Good-freakin-grief, that was a fantastic show. Not only did the weather mystically stay clear despite impending thunderstorms, but Taylor looked great, she brought on a shirtless Jason Derulo, and everyone was given a light-up wrist band to wear which synced with the music. When I looked around the stadium packed with 45,000 fans, I saw that we were not just attending the show but our blinking lights made us part of the show.

tswift and jderulo

6. Pineapples

pineapplesDon’t you think pineapples just look friendly! I love to look at them. I keep seeing shirts and socks and other little things with pineapples on them and I (with the exception of one ittle t-shirt) have been resisting snatching up all of them.

They are so cute! You know it. I know it. The American people know it.

7. Fav App: Waze

waze app

Waze is a mapping application not dissimilar from Google Maps. What I really like about it is that you can warn other drivers and be warned about obstacles, hazards, traffic jams, and even speed traps.

8. Dove Dry Spraydove dryspray

Yes, deodorant. I’m writing about deodorant as a favorite thing. But this one smells really good and it lasts. Hours after application, I catch a little whiff and yaaaaaaas, I’m still smelling right AF

9. Southern Cobb Salad from the Publix Deli

Picture it: fried chicken strip pieces, praline pecans, apples, cranberries, blue cheese, cherry tomatoes, and a balsamic vinaigrette dressing. I don’t know if that explains well enough how fantasticly delicious this salad is but, gurl (or bruh, whomever) this salad is doin the damn thing. And it’s only 309 calories. Perchew?! Yes.

10. Water (I’m not giving you an image, I think you know what water is/looks like)

Summer in Geogia is hmmmmmmm… not a delight. It is hot. It is humid. (These are tremendous understatements). It is really important to stay hydrated, especially when even the shortest walk to the mail box will result in your poor, poor pores opening up and releasing more sweat than a southern belle would ever care to admit.

And, wouldn’t you know it, what they say is true! Water is really good for the skin. Which is helpful because concealer and foundation just cannot stand up to a southern-style heat wave. The sun, cruel mistress that she is, really does not appreciate a beat face. Such Rudeness.


1. Mica eyeshadow primer.

It creases, it sucks, moving on!

2. Gear Shift Knobsgear shift knob

Apparently these jake-a’s can break off and cause all kinds of ruckus in your life.

You have been warned.


So there you have it: all of my favorite things from July and the things that I would love to have lived without.

I tried to be brief.

Did I succeed?

Are you still reading?

Anybody here but us squirrels?

Not that you asked but:

  • I tried and failed to win tickets to the Mad Decent Block Party at the Masquerade. Therefore I will not seeing Major Lazer live and in person while dancing like a weirdo.
  •  Although my internship course credit is technically still ‘In Progress’, the semester is over and I have 3 gorgeous weeks ahead without classes. HO-YEAH!
  • I have been killing it on the elliptical at the gym but I haven’t been feeling sore. Maybe I need to step my game up and go harder. Or maybe I just need to move on to actually lifting weights so I can really take this thing to the next level.

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Reigniting an Old Love Affair

Lightening the Load and Reigniting my Love Affair with Minimalism

For ages I had boxes and baskets overflowing with junk. I knew I didn’t need this junk. I knew that I didn’t want this junk. I planned on planning a plan to get rid of—this junk.

Finally, a week ago I kicked this crap out of my life. It feels so good getting rid of the stuff that’s been cluttering up my world. Without big boxes of crap in the way, I can actually make use of and enjoy the floor space in my room.

And that’s not all.

I finally cut my hair.

It was gross; it was lacking in any shape or style. I was cutting it myself. Let me repeat that. I, Marianne, not a professional or even someone marginally trained or skilled, was cutting my own hair. I wasn’t even using the right scissors. I was using a small pair of pink children’s scissors to haphazardly cut layers into my hair because I wasn’t ready to part with the length but I knew the dead ends had to go. And honestly, that was not the first time.

pink scissors

Hey, at least they don’t have a safety guard…

Why was I being so stubborn about letting a professional tackle my top mop?

A few reasons, I suppose. For one, I was afraid I would miss my hair and regret it. But I’ve had short hair that I really liked before and it’s not like constant ponytails and messy buns were really doing anything marvelous for my big round face. Another big reason I refused to let go of my locks is my curling irons. They’re lovely. I’ve loved them since the day they arrived on my door step.

I just knew that if I cut my hair I’d have to resign my irons to the sad dark drawers of my bathroom, not to be seen until after the length of time it takes to regrow several inches of hair.

lustrum nume

Couldn’t you just die? They’re so convenient, 5 interchangeable barrels of varying sizes and shapes, and I got a great deal thanks to a handy coupon code.

My possessions were possessing me. I wasn’t doing what I wanted and really needed to do for the sake of healthy (and let’s just admit it) reasonably attractive looking hair.

The ironic thing is, I think I’m using my curling irons more now with short hair than I was when it was long. With less to curl, the process is much quicker and since my hair finally has some shape to it, it actually looks good when it’s styled. I might decide to let it back some time, and that’s fine, but for now I’m happy with it. I should have done it sooner.

The other minimalist push I’ve made recently was to reduce my internet social circle. This was a super easy and yet such a delayed move. I was holding on to many acquaintances whom I never interact with out of a half-baked idea of networking and not burning bridges. However, I’ll probably never need to cross these bridges and a network implies that there is actual association, or at least similar interests among connected people, not just an arbitrary invitation to look at each other’s vacation photos—and who wants to see that crap anyway?

And so I deleted many people from my Facebook account. I really doubt they’ll notice and if they do, I really don’t think they will mind. It’s not like we were close friends anyway and there are other social media platforms on which to connect that are less personal than a site like Facebook.

Doing these things just feels right. I know minimalism isn’t for everyone. A lot of my friends don’t understand or don’t even like the idea of it. To each their own, I suppose, but it is my guess that everyone probably has this kind of clutter in their life and most people would benefit from trimming the fat.

And even though I’m a lousy girlfriend, this is the best relationship I’ve had in years, so I’m letting all of you know right now: Minimalism is bae.