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Fall To Do List

I know that autumn doesn’t technically begin until the end of September but with school back in session and Labor Day coming and going, I think we’re all starting to feel the season change.

So with that in mind, I have decided to share my fall to do list!

autumn leaves

1. Drink a Sam Adams Octoberfest beer

2. Wear dark nail polish

I recently picked up this fab shade:

opi vampsterdam

OPI Vampsterdam

3. Drink some kind of pumpkin latte

4. Decorate a pumpkin

5. Wear colored tights and try not to look like an elf

6. Burn my Pumpkin Pecan Waffle candle from Bath and Body Works

7. Rock a berry lip

8. Watch Rocky Horror like a million times

rocky horror
If you’re cool, then you sang along…

9. Admire the changing leaves

10. Wear boots and leggings (try to stop me)

11. Watch Halloweentown on Disney

12. Sport a costume

13. Watch Hocus Pocus

14. Make a yummy soup

15. Score some marked down candy the day after Halloween

16. Wear a cinch belt over a coat

burberry 2014 fall

Burberry runway Fall 2014

17. Eat apple and/or pumpkin pie

18. Cuddle up with thick knit socks, a blanket, and a book

19. Layer different scarves

20. Wear fingerless gloves

What are you excited about doing this fall?


Not that you asked but…

  • I like how almost everything on this list is about food or fashion    #mylifestory

  • I decided to indulge myself for my birthday, so expect to see a birthday haul very soon!

  • When I wrote this yesterday it was like 95 degrees, so much for fall!

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