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Mayvorites 2014


This is my very first ‘favorites’ post. Part of me thinks it is kind of narcissistic to assume that you give a flying turd what I liked most this month but I really enjoy this kind of post and since you decided to read this, maybe you do too.

While I was compiling this list I was thinking about the things I either discovered this month or the things that I have really been using or enjoying for the past four weeks. And what is the true test of how much you like a product? How about the desire to truck an item 2,000 miles across the country? With the exception of a few, these products made the journey with me, from Georgia to the California coast.

1. Out the Door Top Coat


Holy smokes, am I glad I bought this! After complaining on FB that I was in danger of ruining my freshly painted nails, several friends recommended that I try Seche Vite. Whilst in my local Sally’s Beauty Supply, a very helpful sales associate suggested that I try Seche’s competitor, which you see here. Granted, I have no experience with SV to compare but I love this topcoat! I still give my nails a solid 3 or 4 minutes to completely set after using this top coat. However, that’s just me being precious with my paint job; after using Out the Door they are dry (and shiny!) in one or two minutes, without any tackiness.

2. NYX Retractable, Waterproof Eye Liner in Lime Green


For a long time, I was eager to recreate this look from Pinterest:


All I was missing was a green eyeliner that would work on my lower waterline. I found a great product in NYX. What really rocks about this liner is how perfectly it sets. While writing this I have a swatch on my hand that will not budge not matter how much I rub it, however “waterproof” is a very generous way to describe it. Considering I paid less than $5 for this liner, I am really impressed with the quality and I find myself reaching for it often.

If you are interested, here is my attempt to recreate the Pinterest look (please ignore my Bushman eyebrows, I’m holding off on brow maintenance so I can create a fresh shape):

3. Denman Grooming Brush


This brush was, more or less, an impulse buy. I knew that I wanted a paddle brush and I always try to go for boars bristle to help distribute my hair’s natural oils but I had no idea how invaluable this brush would become to me. I use it every single day. It’s nice to have a brush that isn’t a round brush to smooth out my hair. The two types of bristles are great for smoothing out my hair and (once again) distributing natural oils. I don’t notice any fizziness generated by the brush *WIN* even after I use dry shampoo.

4. Olay Regenerating Serum


I have used this product every day since I purchased it. I think it has really made a difference in the appearance of my skin. After washing my face I use 3 or 4 pumps (which is probably too much, but I DON’T CARE!) to cover my face and neck. The purpose of a serum like this is to allow your skin to better absorb moisturizer. The serum molecules are smaller so your skin can drink them right up. Following winter, my poor face was so dehydrated and this product has made a huge difference in getting rehydrated. Plus, it’s never too soon to start preventing wrinkles.

5. Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in Get Ready

Image moxie lips






A few months back, I received a sample size of this lipstick, either in an Ipsy bag or Birch box, I don’t remember, and I have a major heart on for it. Normally I’m a lipstain/balmstain kind of gal but I have really been getting into normal tube lipsticks. This one is a great rosy shade. It isn’t in-your-face pigmented but it is not sheer either and it is oh-so-creamy. If this lipstick isn’t in my apron at work it is definitely in my purse because it is complimentary to most eye looks and it adds just the right amount of color if I’m having a lazy, minimal makeup kind of day

6. Orbit Tropical Remix Gum


A girl I work with introduced me to this gum and it is so flavorful and juicy! I can’t get enough, that’s why I buy it in three packs at Target.

7. Revlon Define False Lashes

Image Image

Here we have another impulse purchase. I was drawn to the minimalist packaging when I spotted them in Rite Aid. Since I love lashes, it wasn’t hard to convince myself to adopt them and give them a loving home. Unlike other eyelash pets, these are not too furry, they just add a little drama. Okay enough with the animal analogy… but for serious, the band is really thin so it disappears into your lash line and I didn’t have to cut them down to fit my eyes–what more could I ask for?

8. Bath and Body Works candle in American Boardwalk scent


Great balls of fire, this candle is like a narcotic! It is soooooo good! If you were lucky enough to smell B&BW’s Pumpkin Pecan Waffle last fall then you have an idea of how amazing this candle smells. Bath and body claims that the scent is salty sweet cream, caramel popcorn and taffy apples. I don’t know about all of that, but I do know that this scent is a delight! FYI, I checked the website and all they have left are the wallflowers….


Maybe this is an odd favorite to have but this website/app really came in handy when I was studying for finals at the beginning of the month. The gist is this: you enter in the number parameters, for example, 1 through 100, and then the program generates a true random number for you based on the parameters you set. How did this help me study? I would give each topic, subtopic, and term on my study guide a number and then I would use to generate a number. Without looking at my notes, I would try to remember what I needed to know on that topic. This helped because, whenever I would simply go down my study guide in chronological order, it wasn’t as difficult to remember. Whereas reviewing randomly didn’t allow me to use context clues. Mostly I utilized this system to study for my American History final.

10. SoniasTravels Youtube Channel

I have been a subscriber to this Youtube channel for a few months and every Thursday I look forward to a new vid. Sonia has great information and tips for packing and traveling. Travel and ‘what’s in my suitcase’ videos are some of my favorite kinds and I just love Sonia’s personality! Her tips were especially useful to me since I only had like a day to pack before I left for Cali. You can find her videos here.

Not that you asked but…
  • I didn’t eat barbeque on Memorial Day but I did spend the day with my favorite veteran, my grandma, and I did get a little sunburnt on my back.
  • Yesterday, I met a homeless man named Larry. He gave me a CD.
  • Nothing feels as good as chucking the Nikes that gave me a big ‘ole blister on my heel straight into the garbage bin!
  • Jason Derulo’s song, Talk Dirty to Me, is stuck in my head. Happily. 😎
  • I had In-N-Out Burger for lunch, are you jelly?

I hope you had a great Memorial Day, what did you do?

If you enjoyed this post, please let me know in the comments below!