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DIY Lip Scrub Using Only 2 Ingredients

Good gravy, have my lips been looking janky!

Between the dry California air and all of the sun I’ve been getting, my poor pout has been suffering.

Desperate for help, I took to Pinterest to find a do-it-yourself plan of attack and I found this easy, two ingredient solution.


  • 1 teaspoon Honey
  • 1 teaspoon Sugar

lip scrub 2

MIX ingredients together

Mine looked like this:

lip scrub 1

 APPLY to lips

SCRUB for 20 seconds

REMOVE with a wet paper towel

Afterwards, you lips will feel smooth and very dry, you’ll want to apply a lip balm


  • it works!
  • both ingredients are commonplace, I found both in my grandma’s kitchen cupboards, if you don’t have honey you can substitute Vaseline
  • easy cleanup, because I used my finger to mix the ingredients I only had to clean my mixing plate and teaspoon, which easily rinsed off with hot water

CONS (kind of)

  • even though the recipe only called for 1 teaspoon of each ingredient, this was way too much for one person (if I make this again, I will cut the recipe in half)

Thanks for reading, happy Monday!

Not that you asked but…
  • I didn’t put on enough sun screen during my walk earlier and now I have a burn on my shoulders and chest. RUDE!
  • I already wrote this post but for some [annoying] reason it didn’t save and I had to rewrite it. DOUBLE RUDE!
  • The inspiration for this post comes from earlier today when I tried on my new matte pink lipstick and I instantly realized that my lips were a crusty mess

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